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I've kind of been mulling the nature of Loki over lately, mostly because one of my students has been wondering if he should or shouldn't align himself with the great trickster of the Norse pantheon and what the repercussions of such would be for him.

Yes, as a heathen who has studied the lore, I understand that Loki is the bringer of Ragnarok and that this is bad. I also understand that Loki is jotun, and to many, this, too, is bad. But he is more than this, in my minds eye. The way I view him within the lore is that he doesn't want to be like this, be the bringer of all the trouble to the Aes and inevitably be an instrument of destruction. But, he recognizes that this is his role, this is what the Norns have fated for him, thus he embraces it. Even, to a degree, you get the feeling that Odinn knows what's up when it comes to Loki and that no one else is going to get it, and this is the basis for their oath-siblinghood. (Yes, I make up words. Sue me.)

All this being said, I have so counseled said student that working with/for Loki is not necessarily a bad thing. He's got a good head on his shoulders, approaches any of the gods with appropriate respect and reverence, and, I think, would get along quite well with Uncle-Granddad. He wouldn't be the one causing mischief for the sake of mischief. He'd be the one quietly pondering in the corner if causing the mischief would have a greater benefit once the dust settles than not causing it in the first place.
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