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So, it was pointed out to me over the course of the storms that have recently pummeled Memphis and the surrounding areas that I should go into meteorology. I've actually been contemplating that for a while - since well before the FIRST set of storms pummeled the area about a week ago.

If I am perfectly honest with myself, weather was my first love. There is a story that was told to me, repeatedly over the years, of me laying in my bassinet in my mom's and my bedroom as my grandfather watched a tornado pick up, move over the property we lived on, then touch back down. From the moment I heard that story, at the tender age of six, I've been in love with the weather and insanely curious about how it worked. I find myself looking up various weather terms at random when I'm supposed to be researching something else. I'm always poking at radars or out watching the skies when bad weather rolls through.

I'm not giving up on herbalism, though. I'll still continue my studies and will probably commit, somewhere down the line, toward classes in that regard as well. I am a huge proponent of natural medicine and whole-wellness care in general.

But after having this pointed out to me, I really am more alive and happy (not the correct term, really, but it's the closest I can manage) when I'm actively scanning the radar/skies and warning folks of what's happening. So, it looks like after a couple of years of general education, I'll find myself up at UT Martin, gettin' me a degree in geological sciences with a meteorology concentration.

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